How to book a ride?

Three simple steps

Book a ride to work via carpool or rideshare

Find Drivers

Find locals with extra seats, driving to the same destination.

Book a ride to work via carpool or rideshare

Book a Ride

"Request ride" for instant pick up, or "Connect" to schedule one time or recurring rides.

Request a ride to work via carpool or rideshare


  • Have a relax commutes, for affordable price, with friendly professionals.

What zooKKies are saying

  • I used to take public transportation to downtown daily. First mile and last mile was very difficult especially when the weather is bad. Also, I have to depend on train schedule. Now with zooKKs I can book a ride any time I want.

  • I used to drive alone for almost 16 years to work everyday in that busy rush hour. It was very stressful. zooKKs made it easy booking a ride. So now I check emails or take a nap while commuting to work.

  • zooKKs saves me so much money on my commutes. I just bought a new house, so every penny helps. I highly recommend this app.

  • I was first skeptical about zooKKs rides but once I tried the whole experience was amazing. Now I use zooKKs rides almost every day. I never knew I can get to work with very less cost door to door and it saves me lots of time.!


The convenience of zooKKs rides

  • Instant ride booking Scheduled ride booking

Instant or Scheduled.

  • Ride in minutes Pick up in minutes

Pick up in minutes.

  • Cancel the ride Free Cancelation

Cancel any time.

  • door to door service pick up at the door and drop you at the door


  • Ride cost is very low Cheap rides to work

Low cost.

  • Pick the driver you like Option to choose driver

Select your favorite driver.

Show me drivers in my area

The benefits of ride sharing

Stress free rides Relaxed Carpool

Stress free

Save gas using zooKKs rideshare Avoid spending money on gas


Reduce carbon footprint Reduce pollution and save environment


Utilize commute time smartly Save time and money


Save money on your daily commute Earn money by carpooling


Avoid rush hour traffic Dont get stressed out in the heavy traffic


Avoid air pollution Reduce carbondioxide


Help Friends and Neighbours Carpooling is mutual helping

help each

Download app

zooKKs mobile app for easy carpools with people you know.

Download zooKKs Carpool and ride share app to book a ride
I wanna book a ride


  • The people you are going to ride with are also from your living location and working location.
  • zooKKs commutes are only between home and office.
  • zooKKies are professionals like you who go to work every day.

No, you can commute whenever you want.


No, it's not your typical car-pooling, in typical car-pooling you will enter a random address or select random people. zooKKs commutes are only for neighbors / coworkers.


To avoid stressful commutes when there is no point of driving alone. There are so many people commuting in the same direction and destination as you are.


Providing safe and convenient commutes is zooKKs top priority. This way you will be able to ride with neighbors / coworkers, but not with strangers. Rush hour traffic occurs only while people commuting to work and back home. zooKKs is here to help people with commuting.


Neighbors / coworkers / people living near your home / people who work near your office locations, who commute at the same time and route as you do every day.


"Member since" date is the key information that Ko-zooKKies will look for.
You will become a zooKKie to hold the spot and get benefits when you need to commute together. Enjoy stress free commutes!.