"zooKKs is the world's first media for Commuters to Collaborate with each other". "Konnecting Kommuters".

zooKKs Inc. is evolving rapidly due to its unique and innovative business model that connects commuters in every city and town who have similar commuting patterns.

Across the globe, 80 % of the people who are working today are concerned with their commute due to the huge traffic and stress associated with such a task. 60 % of first morning conversations in the office between the employees begin with - How their commute was? Most of us are worried about traffic while leaving the office in the evening. We are neither spending time with our family nor working in the office, but just sitting in the traffic wasting long hours every day.

This is where zooKKs key idea comes into action :

When a user registers with their home and office addresses along with commute times, we have built a special logic that shows how many other people are commuting between those locations along with their commute times.

By knowing this, you have a choice of picking the partner(s), who ever you like and when ever you want. It is very safe to ride with them because they live in your own neighborhood / area and they work in your office / near your office. There are many other features included to take care of your safety and privacy.

We deliver to the world "a new method of commuting" between home and work

Enjoy zooKKs commutes !!!