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How Driving Works

Three simple steps

1. Sign up to drive

Start by creating your driver profile. It includes vehicle details, drivers license, insurance, and commute schedule etc

What's in a schedule?

You'll fill out your commute schedule, days of week, start time from your home and office, number of passenger seats, and vehicle photo. Your commute schedule helps passengers get a sense of what your commute is like.

How do you drive?

You set your availability as driver whenever you want. You can choose who you want to give ride to.

We're here to help

From getting your profile ready and choosing your schedule, to understanding your responsibilities under local laws - we've got tools and resources for you.

Sign Up as a Driver

2. Passengers find you and request ride

You'll get a ride request from your passenger

Who will request ride?

Your neighbors or colleagues who have similar commute like yours can request a ride. You can choose to accept or decline.

Message your guests

Messaging via the app helps you get to know guests in advance and discuss details.

Plan for pick up

Discuss your start times and pick up location etc.

Sign Up as a Driver

3. Welcome your passengers

Make them feel that they belong.

Start with the basics

Maintain punctuality and pick up passengers on time.

How guests pay

zooKKs handles all of the payments - you never have to deal directly with money. Passengers get charged right after every ride and will pay driver

How you get paid

You will be paid thru direct deposit to your bank account. Your payment is automatically paid in 2 days after your ride. Easy

Earnings and fees

Creating driver profile on zooKKs is free. zooKKs takes a 15% service fee on each ride.

Sign Up as a Driver

Download app

zooKKs mobile app for easy carpools with people you know.