A Festival of Traffic

Ah, Summer in Chicago. A time of fantastical proportions, where the air either smells like chocolate and the most delicious food you’ll ever eat, or hot garbage. Where the beaches are packed but the water is still ice cold—the Polar Plunge anyone? But the best (and worst) part of Summer in Chicago is the music festivals. Chicago Summers are packed with festivals like Piqniq, Mamby on the Beach, Lollapolooza, Summerfest, and a million others. Of course, the music is superb, and the company is divine, but you know what isn’t? All that traffic.

Our loyal readers may be thinking something like, “yes, but what does that have to do with zooKKs? I thought they were just for commuters?” And right you are, dear readers! We are for commuters. However, one of the most essential components to zooKKs mission is the goal to reduce traffic. By using zooKKs (and getting your co-workers and friends to use zooKKs as well), we can significantly minimize all that extra traffic congestion during festival season. But we cannot do it without you! Tell your friends, your family, even tell your Uncle Jesse!

Using zooKKs is the most simple and effective way to make your everyday commute the best it can possibly be. For any actual living human in or around Chicago, we know festival season makes an already stressful commute even worse. No matter where you go, no matter what form of transportation you use, there is overcrowding and delay. The comfort and ease of zooKKs, combined with the result of reducing traffic to shorten your trip, makes it a no-brainer for anyone seeking an alternative to public transportation.

Gad-zooKKs! Isn’t that just amazing!


  1. Nellie

    Keep up the great work! Its awesome that your zooKKs is not only convenient but so environmentally conscious! more people need to get on board!!!!

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