Arctic Tundra

All my low blood-pressure people in the house! Can I get a, “We’re freezing even though it’s a comfortable 75 degrees and I really wish I brought a sweater even though I didn’t want to have to carry it!” Yeah, me too.

On more than one occasion, a friend or coworker has inquired about my adamant distaste for cold weather. “But you’ve lived in the midwest your whole life! How can you still not be used to it?” Genetics are random and unforgiving, dear reader. They do silly things like make me want to wear gloves while I type (even indoors or in the summer) because my blood doesn’t circulate quite as quickly as it should. Especially through my hands and feet.

However, the worst part about this horrid biological trait is that using public transportation is basically like playing russian roulette with your body temperature. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the AC will be broken today. Or maybe you’ll step on the train in your favorite summer clothes, skin bare and beautiful, and walk straight into the Arctic Tundra. “I wish I had brought a jacket,” you mutter to yourself while crying internally and thinking of the beach. I have found that even though iced coffee is a summertime staple, I’m much better off sticking to the scalding hot version and huddling over it like it’s a garbage can fire.

The solution? Don’t take the train. If you don’t want to drive (or can’t), you can simply ride by carpooling with zooKKs. Comfortable seats and the ability to control the temperature is one of life’s small pleasures and one of zooKKs best features. Rather than huddling on the cold pleather-y seat on the Metra, why not travel in comfort and style? No need to bring a blanket or a jacket just to get through your daily commute!

All my low blood-pressure people in the house! Can I get a, “We love zooKKs!”

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