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Affordable rides for daily commutes Discover Commuting Drivers Find locals with extra seats, their hobbies, company they work for, one time rides, or recurring or schedules. Book a Ride Request Ride instantly, or connect to schedule rides, and pay-all through zooKKs’ trusted services. Commute Have a relax commutes, any day […]

How To Reduce

For a millennial like myself, being taught the importance of the environment was a basic part of my early childhood education. I remember going to school when I was in 2nd grade and seeing a presentation about recycling. The presenter did this for a living, I assume, since she had […]

Arctic Tundra

All my low blood-pressure people in the house! Can I get a, “We’re freezing even though it’s a comfortable 75 degrees and I really wish I brought a sweater even though I didn’t want to have to carry it!” Yeah, me too. On more than one occasion, a friend or […]

FUND Conference

Last week, zooKKs had the distinct pleasure to participate in the Chicago based FUND Conference. For the past two years, the FUND Conference has been an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs and startups in the Midwest. Not only was this event an exciting opportunity to talk with more working professionals about […]

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What is zooKKs? How does it work? What is ridesharing? What’s in it for me? Why is it just for commuters? Can I use zooKKs abroad? Is zooKKs free to use? Is zooKKs for only for a limited destinations and cities? How do I leave any questions, comments, or concerns […]

Viewing A Ride in Progress

Understanding Ride in Progress  The driver has control of the status of the carpool and they alone can start the ride. The driver has control of the status of the carpool and they alone can start the ride, or indicated when passengers have been picked up and dropped off. Only […]