Control Your Commute

It’s no secret that these are trying times. Tensions are high and conflict seems to be escalating, both globally and nationally. For many, our feelings are inching away from trust and more towards fear. In times like this, we crave control over our lives—in everything from the roast of our coffee to the decisions of our political leaders. And why shouldn’t we want to control those things? Yes, one is more trivial than the other, but they both share a quality valued across the world: they represent our standard of living. Our quality of life may not go down all that much if we can’t control how dark our coffee is, but the fact that we can control it means that we have a certain level of freedom and access to valuable products and services. It means that we have autonomy.

Here at zooKKs, we get it. We know how valuable it is to have sovereignty over your own life. As a Start-Up, those same feelings guided us when we started this company and they guide us now. We want you to feel confident in your day-to-day life by knowing that you are able to tailor your experiences to suit your needs and your desires. Creating zooKKs, was just one small way to achieve that goal.

Of course, you may be thinking that this is just a crude marketing pitch. That we’re capitalizing on a pretty sensitive subject for so many people. We won’t lie, we are tapping into those feelings. But it seems the most natural thing for us to do, because among the reasons that zooKKs was created (i.e. decreasing pollution and traffic), one of the most important driving factors was to give people more options. We want to give everyday working people a better, more efficient, and flexible way to commute. With all the sources of stress that accompanies living in 2016, your daily commute shouldn’t be one of them. We think it should be one of the easiest parts of your day, not the most frustrating.

Carpooling is a familiar and timeless practice. People have been traveling together since the beginning of the human race—using zooKKs just makes it easier. We’re the first rideshare app to put you in complete control of your daily travels and frankly, we’re a little surprise it hasn’t been done before. We don’t have contracts with drivers and we don’t choose your companions.

We don’t sacrifice your autonomy to make more money.

Riding to work with zooKKs will allow you to start your work days off with greater confidence and authority than ever before. From the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep, you will not be at the whim of public transportation timetables, overcrowding, or traffic. Our app streamlines all your commute plans and scheduling into one intuitive platform—making it a simple one-stop-shop from beginning to end.

Don’t let your commute be one more thing you can’t control. You deserve better.

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