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The greatest transportation troubles are experienced when commuting between the home and the workplace. Long distance commutes, coupled with quickly developing urban areas has made bumper-to-bumper traffic an expected and frustrating part of each morning and evening commute.

The issue of traffic congestion is severe for commuters in any city. Most urban communities experience medium to high levels of traffic congestion, and in Chicago specifically, the growth of private vehicle use has increased this congestion at an even quicker rate. Even with the innovation of rideshare apps and a growing “share economy,” little has been done to stymie the growing concern amongst both those who commute inside the city limits and those who commute from the suburbs. While public transportation is certainly a viable option, many commuters are put off by the less than sanitary surroundings and find it difficult to find trains that align with their busy schedule. So we thought…what about carpooling?

As we all know, carpooling is the utilization of an individual’s private or company vehicle to transport one or more fellow passengers from place to place. zooKKs model of carpooling is simple because it is based off the same one many of us have already used: either one individual does all the driving or the driving responsibilities rotates from person to person. Either way, the driver gets reimbursed by the passengers. The carpool driver may pick up passengers from their homes or the passengers, if possible, may meet the driver either at his or her home. With the zooKKs app, we take care of all that bothersome coordination so you don’t have to. Finally, with zooKKs, you can have a less stressful alternative to your hectic morning commute.

What’s our mission?

With the specific objective to minimize carbon footprints, decrease traffic congestion during rush hours, and improve the utilization of existing highways and parking facilities in Chicago, carpooling with zooKKs will revolutionize the way you get to work.

What are the advantages of carpooling?

  1. Diminish Parking Demand: Parking demand will be decreased via carpooling as less parking spaces are used by commuters.
  2. Lessen Traffic Congestion: The thought behind minimizing traffic congestion is that by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road (rather than altering and exhausting the road system) we can effectively reduce traffic. Encouraging people to carpool together would also have a positive impact on overcrowding on public transportation.
  3. Save Money: Looking at the big picture, zooKKs could be an effective instrument in saving money for both commuters and the government. For the government, decreasing the number of vehicles used for commuting is far more fiscally responsible than building new transportation facilities or roadways. For commuters, carpooling is an effective way to save money on gas and vehicle repairs from everyday wear and tear.
  4. Decreased Pollution: By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, we can effectively lower our carbon footprint. As concern for the environment and awareness of global warming grows, vehicle reduction becomes a clear and easy alternative to commuting alone. Carpooling with zooKKs will lessen vehicle-generated air pollution like never before.

So there you have it! Don’t you think its time to get on board…uh…I mean, in the car?


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