How do you use zooKKs?

When a user registers with their home and office addresses along with respective morning and evening commute times, our platform will show how many other people are commuting along similar routes at similar times. Rather than assigning carpooling partners to each user, the zooKKs app allows each commuter to choose whom to ride or drive with. Not only does this keep user in control, but also it provides a certain standard of safety by keeping carpooling between working professionals who may even be neighbors or coworkers.

3 Simple Steps:

  • Create a Profile : Provide your basic information to create a profile. Make sure to include: Email, Home & Office Addresses (our app keeps this information private and does not share it with other users or 3rd parties).
  • Choose Ko-zooKKies : Once you create a profile, we will show you Ko-zooKKies who Live & Work in similar areas that you do. You will be seeing their starting commute times to and from work. By reviewing their profiles, you can then choose whom to commute with at what times.
  • Commute : Get carpooling!

Our In-App Features:

  • We show you how close by each Ko-zooKKie lives and works from your Home and Office.
  • We show you their commute start times from each location.
  • We provide an in-app chat function so that you can talk with Ko-zooKKies without giving away any private information.
  • Schedule rides with Ko-zooKKies of your choice.
  • We provide an easy electronic payment method through Braintree. (That means you don’t have to carry cash!)

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