Ko-zooKKie Profile Overview

Ko-zooKKies’ profile 

Through the Ko-zooKKies page, you may select any user to view his complete profile.Ko-zooKKie Profile

A complete profile includes –

  • User’s profile picture
  • Member since date – Date when user registered in zooKKs app
  • Gender
  • A “Favorites” icon – Select this button to place user in your favorites screen.
  • A “Block” option – Tap to block user. Blocked users cannot see you in his or her list, and cannot chat with or contact you. However, you will be able to see and unblock them at any time.
  • About Section – If user entered any details about him/her.
  • Company/Work details – If user entered any details.
  • Social Media links – Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter
  • Map – Displays both yours and the selected user’s home locations.
  • Commuting days – Days he or she commutes to work.
  • References – This section displays references given to this user by other Ko-zooKKie Profile1Ko-zooKKies. If you know a user, you can give him or her a reference and it will be displayed here.
  • Reviews – If user participated in any rides and reviewed by other users in the ride.
  • Vehicles – This section will indicate if he or she owns a vehicle and is willing to offer ride.
  • Similar Ko-zooKKies – This displays other similar zooKKs users that you may be interested in connecting with.