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My Schedules screen My Schedules - Help

  • Selecting “My schedules” from the menu directs you to the page where you will be able to see your active, inactive, and pending schedules under their respective tabs.
  • Active Tab – All active schedules will be listed here. If you want delete a particular schedule or make it inactive, slide the schedule left to select either of these options.
  • Inactive Tab – All inactive schedules will be listed here. If you want to make a particular schedule active, slide the schedule left to choose this option.
  • Pending Tab – All schedule requests from other users will be listed here. If you accept a request you will be added to that schedule and if you reject you will not.
  • Only Active schedules will be available in the “Ride in Progress” screen. Schedules can only be made active when there is an assigned driver and all passengers have logged their payment information. Schedules will also remain inactive if there are no other participants besides the Admin.




*Slide any schedule left to change the status.

*Only an Admin can change the status of schedules to active / inactive or delete.