Payment Methods

How do I add my payment information?

  • Working from the menu, select “Payment Methods” to navigate to the Payment Setup page.
  • Select the + icon in the upper right hand corner to open the “Card Details” page. Enter all the required information and tap “Save.”
  • Note: You cannot delete your default card if there are no other cards listed. Please add another card to delete the default one. Slide left to set the new card as default and delete the inactive card. You can add as many cards you want, but you can set only one card as the default. zooKKs only charges your default card at the end of the ride.
  • Payments are secured through Braintree and your information will be protected.

How does the payment process work?

  • Before scheduling a ride the app will ask you to add payment information. As soon as a ride ends or drops off passengers, the payment will be deducted automatically.
  • Making payments with zooKKs is easy! Your payment will be automatically deducted/added when you carpool with our app. zooKKs makes the process easy and seamless by eliminating the hassle of handling cash or exchanging banking information personally. When you complete a carpool as a passenger, the app will charge the amount due to the default credit card associated with your account.  If you are a driver, then the payment will be automatically transferred to your zooKKs account from which you will be able to transfer the money to your bank account through Payout option in ‘Payment History’.

How do I request payment from passengers?

  • You will see a “Request Pay” button in ‘Ride Summary’. By selecting “Request Pay,” drivers can request payment for a ride from his or her passengers.
  • This option is available just in case the automatic transaction at the end of the ride fails to happen. Once a driver selects “Request Pay” the passengers will be notified and directed through the payment process.