Viewing A Ride in Progress

Understanding Ride in Progress 

The driver has control of the status of the carpool and they alone can start the ride.

  • The driver has control of the status of the carpool and they alone can start the ride, or indicated when passengers have been picked up and dropped off.Ride in Progress - Help V3
  • Only an admin is allowed to change the schedule details (times, days, members, etc), but the driver can be any member in the schedule’s list.

Start Ride 

  • After the driver selects the “Start Ride” button, all passengers will be sent a notification. Passengers will be able to see the driver’s location on the map in the “Ride in Progress” screen depicted as a car icon.
  • The GPS tracking system ensures a smooth pick up process for passengers by allowing them to anticipate the driver’s arrival in real time.

Hold Users 

  • If a passenger is not able to participate in the carpool for a specific day, before starting the ride, the driver can tap on the passenger’s profile to put them on hold for that ride.
  • Passengers can also place holds on themselves by selecting the schedule from the “My Schedules” page.
  • After starting a carpool, users will not be able to place anyone (even themselves) on hold.


  • After arriving at a passenger’s location, the driver can tap on that passenger’s icon to select the Pick-Up option.
  • Once the driver has done so, the passenger’s status will change from “Waiting” to “In Car.” “In Car” indicates that the passenger is picked up and in the driver’s vehicle.


  • Upon reaching a passenger’s destination, the driver can tap on the passenger’s icon to select the Drop-Off option.
  • It is always the driver’s job to select Pickup and Drop-Off for their passengers. If they fail to do so, the passengers will not be charged for their ride and the driver will not be paid.

Cancel Ride 

  • If for some reason driver wants to cancel the ride after selecting “Start Ride” button, they can always select the “Cancel Ride” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • The ride will not go live and the passengers will not be charged for the carpool.
  • If the driver wants to start the ride again, they can do so anytime before the scheduled carpool time.


  • As soon as all passengers reached their destinations, the ride ends and the payment gets deducted automatically from their account.
  • This transactions will be available for viewing in “Ride History” and “Payment History.”


Other important points related to Ride in Progress 

  • Active Schedules can be seen on the “Ride in Progress” page. The “Start Ride” button will appear an hour before the carpool is scheduled and once selected will keep the ride live for up to an hour after the end time.
  • If you are late for a carpool, the app will ask you if you wish to change the time in the schedule so that you can start the ride at a later time. Each member of a carpool will be sent a reminder an hour before and notifications for any changes made to the schedule.
  • The “Ride in Progress” page indicates whether the live carpool is from Home to Office (H-O) or Office to Home (O-H). It also shows a list of the passengers and driver.