What makes zooKKs unique?


The majority of working people across the globe are concerned about their daily commutes. Most morning conversations between office employees are about how difficult or stressful their morning commutes were, and when the work day is over they have to relive that same stress before they can finally unwind at home. Now more than ever, professionals are wasting precious time in traffic that they could be spending at the office or at home with their families.

If you have ever felt this way, or if you just want a more comfortable commute, then you have come to the right place. zooKKs is a rideshare service unlike anything you’ve seen before. Rather than using contracted drivers and operating as a glorified cab company, we let you drive yourself and fellow commuters – leaving you in complete control of your commuting experience.

The process is simple – just enter your Home and Office Addresses and we will show you how many people are commuting between the same general geographic locations.

By knowing how many people are commuting between along similar routes, you will be able to pick your fellow commuters (or Ko-zooKKies, as we like to call them here). For those concerned with safety, we understand your reservations, but you don’t need to worry. Our app has features in place that allow you to exercise your caution, such as viewing the social media profiles of Ko-zookies and chatting with them through the app without disclosing your phone number or email. Each carpooling arrangement is left completely up to you – your comfort and satisfaction are our main priority.

We guarantee you will love how easy it is. We guarantee you will wonder how you ever commuted without us.

Go to: www.zooKKs.com/user (or) visit the App store (or) Play store.