FUND Conference

Last week, zooKKs had the distinct pleasure to participate in the Chicago based FUND Conference. For the past two years, the FUND Conference has been an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs and startups in the Midwest. Not only was this event an exciting opportunity to talk with more working professionals about their commutes, but it also offered a rare and valuable platform to meet with investors. The best way to explain it is that it’s like entrepreneurial speed dating. Each startup gets two minutes to pitch their business to the room, which is chalk full of other startups and investors. The audience then gets to text in their votes for their favorite pitches, narrowing down the pool to a select number of startups who get to give longer presentations the next day.

And honestly, zooKKs nailed it. Not that I’m surprised, really. Carpooling is such an undervalued resource with massive untapped potential. Although other rideshare companies have tried to implement carpooling, it just hasn’t taken off the way it should. The way it can with zooKKs. Whenever we tell people what we do and how we do it, the reaction is almost always eager and enthusiastic. At the FUND Conference, we had other entrepreneurs wondering why they hadn’t thought of zooKKs first and investors wondering how they could get involved.

All of this, of course, is just a roundabout way of saying: zooKKs is well on its way to shaking things up! As events like the FUND Conference become more frequent for us, the zooKKs name and mission gains notoriety and interest. We’re building a following, we’re building a name, and we’re changing the commuting game.

The FUND Conference was just one of the ways that our team is working to bring you a better commute. By getting the funding we need to spread the zooKKs message, we will be able to give all of our users more options for commuting partners. zooKKs works best when there are more users, so that’s our goal. Besides, you know, reducing traffic, saving the environment, and making your commutes more comfortable. Those are just some of the fabulous outcomes of getting more people on board with zooKKs.

Although it may be shameless, this is the part where I have to remind you of our rewards program. Really though, getting free rides just by getting your friends to download the app? Score. And talking about free stuff…what about making money while driving to work? Double score. So much incentive. So little to lose.


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