zooKKs APK Beta Release for Android users


Good News!Beta Play Store - zooKKs

zooKKs APK Beta version for Android is now ready and available in Google Play Store.

“zooKKs” is the world’s first media for Commuters to Collaborate with each other.  – “Konnecting Kommuters”
Here, you will see the list of people who live & work similar to where you live & work.

NOTE: As a per-requisite, Each person has to be a member of this Google group in order to use Beta version. So, become a member of this group by sending request in advance:

Use the below link to download & Install zooKKs from Play Store:

NOTE: This app works based on regions. So, currently this version is targeted for Chicago & its suburbs based users.
But, If you are from other region or city or country then you might not see other users in your list as you might be the first one to try zooKKs in your region. So, you can just spread the word about zooKKs around or invite other people in your area to try zooKKs and once they register then you will see them in your list.

Once you use it and found any issues or have any suggestions, Please use below link to submit your feedback.

You can share with other people whom you think zooKKs will be useful for.

Feel free to post your questions or suggestions below.

Thanks In Advance!
zooKKs Team.


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